Saturday, 8 September 2012


Amiet truism-2

MLM People unconsciously respond to your unconscious intentions.

I had got  this   principle from "Spiritual Marketing" GURU .It means that your unconscious desires affect other people. In a way, you train people to respond to you by what you say and don't say. I was on the phone with One of my great  MENTOR in early MLM days, who told me about this deepest SPIRITUAL MARKETING .

 He said, "Your energy AURA goes out and touches the person you are talking to while you are talking to them." That means that if you have a self-sabotaging desire in you, or if you are trying to pull a fast one over people, or if you don't believe in your own business, your prospects will sense it. They will respond to your unconscious. If you want to get more business, get clear. Be congruent. Be sure you totally believe in yourself, your business, and your customer's good will.

You just use this rule in your MLM marketing and will amazed with its result.

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