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12 hypnotic RULES of mlm-network marketing


this post will surely open your eyes if you pay ATTENTION.

Do you like to become successful in mlm aka network marketing company?if yes   CHEERS !!!!you had taken your first steps towards your financial Independence.

After reading and taking real action in mlm you will will surely become a mega successful mlm leader

1-MLM COMPANY -find out your right company. its your main foundation pillar of   your mlm some research on company. if possible don't join new company.always find 2-5 year old company.because mlm is a very much volatile business. if your company will not survive or serve in future than your time money both invested towards wrong company .so get  more knowledge about your Trace record.payout.  Choose the right up line.this is vital to yours success and your entire foundation depends on your up line.your up line is one of the major pillar of your future mlm success.

2--UP LINE- choose the right up line.this is vital to yours success and your entire foundation depends on your up line.your upline is one of the major pillar of your future mlm success.

3-LTD (learn teach duplicate)-learn teach duplicate.mlm business is not quick reach will take time.yes it will take time.and in this world every good things take time .its nature law every sustainable things will get time .in this mlm business you will have to learn first later you will have to teach your don line your associates.and when you do your job better than good your down line will learn a lot by you and then they will become delectable. so later you will duplicate your down line  to learn teach duplicate.when you will do this amazing cycle in purity huraaaaaaaaaaaaaaah you had your own limited company like ltd. you are now working like limited company without opening your have now vast knowledgeable  manager or  a fleet of manager and delectable manager...enjoy the fruits of labour and get passive income.

4-BLUEPRINT module- make a blue every formation required a blue print. a system .when you make a blue print you will follow the you will finish your mlm work accordingly.if you don't understand ask your up line .he will guide you.your up line is vital main piller of your success in mlm get guide by him.use company proven support will amazes how easy it is .just make your blue print.write them,read them.understand them.and put your date on are 85% ahed of the are future winner.proper planning will save your 2-5 years in mlm industry.and proper planning will ease your effort upto 85%.

5-BOOK READING -make a habit of reading successful people reading will again make you winner.because books  you read ,written by those people who had saw taste the will alone save your many years and big learning curve.either do the things by self or copy a successful people choice is your because life is yours.

6-WHY- it  will decide your future...why you start mlm business?why you don't join other business?
whey don't you join a job?just find your why and miracle will happen .your why is fuel to drive you.without why you cant survive or sooner or latter you will find your why and work accordingly.your why alone can be 99% powerful in your life.believe me or later in your life you will remember me yes amiet had written right on his blog.your why will decide main role in your life

7-GOAL SETTING.set your goals.write down your 5 short tear+mid term+long term goals.your goals will motivate you to perform.write down your monthly-yearly-5years goal .and every possible manner watch that goal or goal sheet or goal diary everyday.

8-COPYCAT FUNCTION-attend all monthly yearly company program.where you learn from the will learn from leader who achieved your desired you will motivate and get real fire in your mind to perform well.just attend all the events Sponcered  or called by your company or your up line.

9-MASTER-become master of your products.first use your company products.understand the products.taste the products.learn get more knowledge about your company products  so that your knowledge level will high to handle your cross question by will give you confidence too.ultimately you are in ltd business ,so you will have to learn teach and duplicate.and master your company products is just first steps learn

10-BECOME PROMOTER -promotion of your products.become bold.promote your products at every possible manner.don't shy,you will get money by moving products by self and by your down line.after all you are in marketing business.don't shy you are doing this at the age of 5.we are very good we use to promote every good things even without is promote your products.
Share your products and opportunity at every chance you get.
11-WEBSITE-Make a website-it will work for you 24*7*365 mine.i am written this article imagine it will work till i renew my idea.yes if i wrote well this article..what will happen?you will do what?yes if article is good you will promote and you will return here every possible way.why because you will get more knowledge from here.and what will i get.if i make a relation with you you will my esteemed customer in the point.
12-Enjoyed!!! information was superb???if so why not promote my blog and me too.its called mlm now become friends.

you are reading a powerful article in which i used many formula which you will use later.

hug with love

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